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Online guide for newbie - Earn Money online without website

Many people are interested on online money making. The problem is they dont have knowledge on website making or dont know how to blog. In this case, get paid to programs is one of the great option. By the way, there are too many scam site especially on those Paid to Click (PTC) and Paid to Read (PTR).

To avoid get scammed, it is better to goolging before join those get paid to program. Just input the website URL & scam (example: & scam) and you will get comment from public. On the other hand, dont believe on those get paid to program tell you can earn thousands per month without working on it and also those get paid to programs request for the registration fee.

The best get paid program for the newbie shall be paid to post forum. The reason is newbie can get some idea and learn more about online money making by posting and reading. At the same time, it accumulate some money for further investment on their own hosting, domain, website or blog.

Of course, there are quite number of paid to post forum is scam and therefore we shall choose those truthworthful paid to post forum that keep paying to their member . Hereby, to avoid my visitor get scammed, i recommend three paid to post forum which paying their member since they launched for more than one year

1. Mylot
One of the popular paid to post forum, they have more than 30k members and providing many topic for the member, consider as general forum. They are paying about $0.01 per post, minimum payout is $10, pay via paypal.

2. BRL forum
This is webmaster forum, it more to the hosting, website and blog discussion. They pay from 1~5 cents per post, no post limit. Besides, they have a section for article submission, once the article get approved, you get paid $1. Minimum payout is only $2, via paypal. The new member will get bonus $1.