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BRL Forum - Get Paid To Post

BRL Forum is paid to post forum. This forum discussion on SEO (Search Engine Optimazation), Link Exchange, Programming and Web Development, Services provider & Survice Request, Market Place & Market Concept. Besides, they are providing a lounge for discussion.

How you going to earn from BLR?
1. Earn 3 BRL$ by starting a new thread and 1 BRL$ by posting to thread.
2. Earn 0.001 BRL$ per every word posted in your thread / posts.
3. Earn BRL$ for referring new users, poll contribution, receiving positive reputation, birthday awards, post view by guest or members, and many other ways.

Besides, Please pay attention to the points below:
1. Screening may be done to prevent fake new accounts. Referrals are subject to verification and referral credit may not be earned by referring people in your IP range. Spamming your referral link by email or PMs on other forums is not allowed!
2. BRL$ for referrals is awarded through a verification process done by site staff.
3. These earn rates are subject to change as needed to stabilize the monetary system.

BLR convertion
1 BRL $ = 0.011 USD approximately.

So, it mean that you are getting $0.033++ for starting anew thread and $0.011++ for replying the post. And the minimum payout is BRL$200 (or saying $2.20), Send PM to administrator to once you achieve the minimum payout and you will get the payment.

You will first get BRL$100 (whish approximately to $1.10) BONUS if you join now.

Payment Proof:

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1 comment:

Danny said...

I already get my first payment by posting in only one day. This is a great forum