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Change the "NOFollow" to "DOFollow"

Blogger by default, and other blogging software such as WordPress, automatically adds the "nofollow" microformat extension to all links from user generated content. User generated content is defined as comments or external sources such as linkbacks and trackbacks.

How to removing "NoFollow" from your blogger template an make your blogger to "DOFollow" ?

Three step to remove the "NOFollow" form your template.

Step 1:
Login to your blogger dashboard and click on the Layout . Then, click on the Edit Html Sub-tab for Templates. Then tick on the Expand Widgets (As shown below)

Now, you shall backup your template before go for the next.

Step 2:
After complete you back up, go for you templete and look for the rel='nofollow'

Step 3:
Delete the portion of the code that says rel='nofollow' and Save Your Template.


Gamer said...

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Anonymous said...


Thank you for share this. It is really useful for my blog. I found your blog link from Google

viky shine said...

Is it really works? Have you checked this? As i checked in your blog ,your comments section is no follow.

78hg said...

I find some template have no " nofollow" , thank you share also.