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Earn money with blog blogging

There are several forms of advertising that can be used to earn money from your website. If your site has many visitors, it can be very worthwhile discreetly using integrated advertising of "revenue" of your website content.

There are 3 levels of advertising: Pay-per-impression (CPM), pay-per-click (CPC) and pay-per-action (CPA, CPL, CPS).

Pay-per-impression you pay a certain amount for every 1000 times an ad is displayed for visitors to the site. The payout is low, but you can be sure a certain level of return - based on the number of visits your site receives each month. Also known as CPM (cost per 1000)

Pay-per-click, you pay a certain amount each time someone clicks an ad on your site. The payout is higher than pay-per-impression, but you do not know exactly how many visitors actually click on the ads. The more relevant ads to the page content, the greater the chance that the visitor is to click on an ad.

Also known as CPC (Cost per click) Pay-per-action has the highest payout, but you only get paid if the visitor you refer goes on to perform a number of predefined measures such as placing a order on the site. Unless the ads you server are very closely related to the topic of your website, the chances of this happening are quite slim, so you should have a very high level of traffic (visitors) to this worthwhile. Also known as CPA (Cost per Action), which in turn can be divided into CPL (Cost per lead) and CPS (Cost per sale).

On balance, pay-per-click is probably the easiest way to start earning money from your website quickly. You will not be rich, but everything helps!
A very quick and easy way to earn money through relevant ads, it is enormously popular Google AdWords program. You only need to sign up for an AdSense account, gives you some basic information about your site and Google some code for you. Place the code on your site to start earning money every time someone clicks on the ads.

The good thing about AdWords is that the ads are shown, are automatically selected to be relevant to the content of the page that appears. This makes the ads much more appeal to your site visitors. The disadvantage is that the payout is not so high - usually only one to a few U.S. cents per click.

Another alternative is the use of an advertising agency. The principle is similar to AdWords, but you choose specific ads from a range of you, instead the ads are automatically generated depending on the content of the page. The payout per click is generally higher than those of Google, but the range of advertising and its importance is more limited, so your CTR (click through rate - ratio of clicks to visitors) would lower can fall out.

If you think individual affiliate programs with a high degree of relevance to your site, this could lead to an impressive stream of income. For example, if visitors to your site are interested in Joomla, you could try a system like the Rocket Theme template club, or Magazine.

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