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Cheap hosting and domain website for newbie - Namecheap

Many hosting and domain website are available but which is the best for the user?For the newbies who like to set up website or blog under own hosting and domain, will be the best option.

Why choose Namecheap but not other hosting company? The reason as below:
1. Most of the hosting company request credit card information or verified paypal account to purchase their hosting package. However, Namecheap is the only one hosting company accept unverified paypal account and no any credit card information required.
2. Compare to other hosting company, provide good service as world top hosting company but with lower cost. Also, their server is stable and fast enough
3. Easy set up since they provide video tutorial for every setting
4. They always give discount to the member, almost every month, they will give away the promotion code to the member to get cheaper hosting or domain.

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