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7 necessary step for newbie

This is very famous question for the blog/site owner. The basic you need to do are as listed.

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
The will improve your site position listed on the search engine. According to the research, the site listed after the first 5 pages, the chances on getting visitor is very very low (or we can say just forget about it). That's why we have to do soemthing to make our site show at least in the first five pages on the search list.
(More details go for SEO Tips)

2. Read more and learn more
You shall always go to get new information about what you are writing. Keep on upgrade yourself to provide better and updated information. At the same time, learn more about the how to improve your blog as well.

3. Leave comment
When you see some great article, leave a comment (Not spamming please). This might help you to get visitor and owner from the blog. Especially for those blog have some relted topic as your blog, dont miss it.

4. Forum signature
Do not forget to put your link in your signature. While learning and enjoying posting in forum, you are actualy doing some promoting about your blog, why you miss it?

5. Social Network
Social Network is one of the powerful spider. Tell your freinds about your blog, and ask your friends to tell his/her friends. Can you imaging how many people know about your blog after the pyramid getting bigger and bigger?
You can use your instant massager, myspace, friendster, email and whatever you can. Again, remember------DONT SPAM

6.Bookmarking and Directories.
Find some high PR directories and bookmarking, this is the way to improve your PR and link. Then, the hghest chances people will get your blog.

What to request? When you found great article or great blog/website. You might request for the article by putting the link and email/massage to the site owner about the link exchange.

This is what the newbie shall do, and might not involve many technical knowledge. After get more related techinical knowledge then implement step by step.

Finally, always be patient since Roma not build in just a day. Your knowledge and your hardworking will definately get you rewards.

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