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1, what is the engine to add?
To the search engine on the Web site to add and enhance the site was visited by rapid expansion of visibility. Investigation shows that more than 80 per cent of the site visit from the search engine, the search engine registration is important. There are thousands of global search engine, filling in a search engine search engine requires about five minutes in 1000 to register on the search engine to spend 83 hours. If the eight-hour working day, you need 10 working days.
If your website has 40 pages, will need 40 days to complete. At least monthly or weekly will not need to register your site in the search engine on the qualifying decline. If requested a special talent to do this matter, in accordance with China's present situation, the monthly wages certainly over 350 US dollars, plus the cost of Internet hardware and other expenses, at least 600 US dollars per month. So let our experts to do this for you is more cost-effective. If you want to own hands, a cost saving that, no more than 1,000 in the global search engine registered on the site because 80 per cent of the visit of 80 per cent from over 10 major global search engine.
All registered on the major search engines most of the work is completed. But, it is not for your search engine will accept your registration request. What applications are accepted by search engines is not because of too little data Talan, the little search engine that people are willing to register, and no one willing to enquiries. In the search engine registration is open to the public, will be to fill out a form, I have to be completed, why do you want? Now popular search engine inspection of application for registration, registration applications received every day many of the sites do not meet the requirement will be removed.

2.How major global search engine to accept your application for registration?
The key lies in your web search engine with the requirements of each search request on the web page requests not the same. How to search each website for the requirements of "taste"? Different sites require different approaches. This is even and structure of the site, terms of the volume of a relationship. Therefore, registration is not a simple Web site to fill out a form to be completed. More to the point, you can use some software to help register, for example, AddWeb. But such vast majority of software applications for registration will not be accepted, because a lot of search engines on the one hand refused to accept more than Feirengong the application for registration, the more well-known websites on the more stringent review of an application for registration, for example, Yahoo is the manual review, so they The purpose is to guarantee the accuracy of the information and the authority of its Web site. More accurate information, the more people willing to use their search engine, the more people use their search engine.
On the other hand, as said earlier, this registration software in a uniform format with all the search engine registration, their gender is not strong, it can hardly be accepted. It is worth noting that a good web site makes it easy search engine registration. Registered in the search engine success is everything will be just fine? Imagine, a city everyone has a radio, and even worse is that the content of each radio are almost. Everyone wants to attract listeners and all want to know the volume increase, as everyone knows in the same search engine registration. You certainly do not doubt that there are tens of thousands of its own in the world, is generally hundreds of thousands of competitors, they will search engine to boost registration. In the search engines for "toys" query, the results for at least a few hundred thousand. If a query results for each visit, time is not fully occupied during the years. General top 30 search results people can see. If your search engine in the search results after 50, can be sure that almost no one to visit. Therefore, in the search engine is out of the success of the registration Web site to promote the first step. In the search engine to the top 20 or within 30 to be truly successful. How to make their own web sites in the search engine's top 30? This is not Zhizhen an application for registration can be done on the table, which is a domain name registration will begin from the work.
Classified advertising on the Internet site a lot, and each site will have a certain number of client access; if an advertisement to release classified advertising to these sites, their advertising attractiveness percent increase, the number will greatly enhance impression. However, users may be familiar with only a limited number of classified advertising sites, and each site and the information is manually released to spend time and manpower. Internet classified advertising face of the enormous potential of the market, the software used to speed up the release process, namely, classified advertising publishing tools.

3, What is the electronic magazine advertisements?
From the domestic electronic magazine is famous ICP to offer content and the reputation of a fully protected by professionals careful editing, and has a strong timeliness, readability and interactivity, but also by geographical and time constraints, whether you anywhere in the world, the electronic magazine can bring users the latest and most comprehensive information. As electronic magazine by Internet users need to take the initiative and interest in accordance with the subscription, such advertising more effective and accurate for potential customers. In addition magazine in the form of e-mail is also very suitable for China's current network conditions, it can allow subscribers do not have to spend a lot of time and the Internet can be a large number of Chinese on the quality of information, according to surveys, browse through Web pages is the cost of electronic information magazine 10-60 times. Therefore, the electronic magazine has been more and more Internet users to accept and agree that the rapid growth of the number of subscribers. In such professional magazine ads above, the cost of Banner advertising is not only much cheaper, but also very significant effect, in a very short time your web site or other advertising message to every corner of the globe!
Tens of thousands of websites on the Internet, and increasing every day, the new website how to get other people to know? Search the Internet played a role in the index. Users need to search for a product or service can go to the station to make enquiries search to find relevant Web sites. Therefore, your web site retrieval stations, can greatly increase the number of visits. At the same time, other retrieval stations can play the role of information retrieval, such as retrieval names, addresses, telephone, View software.

4, how to add the retrieval of registration stations
At present, there are more than 1,000 world-renowned retrieval stations, such as Yahoo!, AltaVista, and so on, they are generally free to add registration. But for hundreds of thousands of retrieval stations, a join is a very time-consuming. Therefore can be devoted to the retrieval stations add software to add the retrieval station.

5, in the relevant website links or advertising in exchange links to other sites on the equivalent of advertising.
In some websites on the search engine rankings with a great degree of popular websites, such as Google. Measurable indicators of the prevalence of websites is the number of other sites link to the website, the more links, the higher the prevalence. Therefore, the establishment of links to other websites or advertising the advantages of the exchange is obvious.

6, Lead many online information, including various types of seeking product information.
Using specialized software tools to collect such information.

7, The site was visited statistical analysis
Analysis of information does not mean that the counter on the home page. Site visits statistical analysis of information include the following:
1. Site has been found, that is, visitors through external links, search engines or bookmarks links to your site.
2. Visitor information, such as IP addresses, operating system, browser type, which pages are visited, how long stay.
3. Visited pages of information, including every page of a visit by the number of hours.
4. Statistical information, such as daily, weekly, monthly, the annual number of visits. Through this information, you can visit the website detailed understanding of the specific situation. Through the website analysis system can accurately grasp the designated web page of the visit, the visit can be found most frequently visited Web pages and the least number of web pages to find the most popular products, as well as improve access and low pages and products. As a decision-making and website maintenance basis.
And the counter on the home page of the website statistical analysis What is the difference?
Home counter statistics only home page (index.html, default.htm) by the number of visits. If the browser refresh button on the counter once. Statistical Analysis System Web site can be visited any specific statistics page visits. Site visits statistical analysis information can be cheating? As the website of the Statistical Analysis System records the IP address of visitors, so visitors can identify every location where the general, such as the host country. Through the website of the same system can check whether visitors to a Web site with repeated visits, in order to increase site visits. The Home counter could not distinguish whether the visit of cheating.

8, monitoring search engine rankings
The vast sea of online information, the website per day increasing at the rate of millions. The world the same and similar sites has been increasing. Yahoo in the search for gifts gift, in line with the conditions of the 8568 web site (October 30, 2000 search results). For a gift that is operating company, which has more than 8,000 competitors. To come to the fore in the fierce competition to attract visitors, in the search engine rankings must occupy a favorable position. Favorable position always a minority is the majority of competitors striving for position. In the search engine rankings forward to that more competition. If the lack of continued efforts, his place will soon be replaced by competitors. Therefore, we must continue efforts to maintain forward in the search engine rankings.

Search engines themselves are constantly updated and optimize its own database, modify website ranking rules so that the search results more accurate. If the site can not be followed to make improvements, site in the search engine rankings can only be maintained for a period of time. However, a change in external conditions, the site in the search engine rankings will change. By optimizing Web sites and keep on working hard, can be maintained on the web site in the search engine advantageous position. Therefore, understanding site regularly in the search engine rankings is very important.

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