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Adsense Tips - Must Read

There are some very important point in doing Adsense, use it as your guide:

1.Density & location
Simple old-fashioned SEO, use your Keywords at website/blog title, description tags, title text, website/blog URL, bold, italics, the website started. Key words density ranged from 5 percent to 20 percent if possible. Write good articles, and check the spelling and grammer, this becoming more and more important because search engines have begun to use automatic error correction function, so to ensure your site being searched, use the right words.

2.Export Links
link with a high ranking site, in the text of links with Keywords. This will help your site in future. Before that, you must have improve your content.

3.Submit your site to search engine
submitted your url to the search engines such as Google, Yahoo,MSN ant etc. Then forget this incident on the next six months. Yes, submitted, and then forget about it.

4. Exchange Links
Go to the directory to check out the related site , which can be found free exchange of linked sites, and require exchange links. In the theme of the website select a content as Related text.
If the director of those sites and you do not want to exchange links, it's to the next. Every day check a new website with links exchange, and write a very brief personal e-mail would be sufficient. If a Website reject to exchange link, do not care about it, they will change their mind in future.

Have a day of high-quality content pages. Effective with the theme of the article is always the best. Avoid too much of the personal blog of things, we should write more articles types of ordinary viewers are willing to look at the contents.
Improve your writing skills, learning writing for the Internet crowd, and more sub-short sentences, read faster content. Most of the site visitors are not reading, but surfing. That why short article is very important. If you do not see a long section of the article, a lot of people will be immediately leave from the post.
People will not waste more then 15 seconds to read.
The use of the title, use bold to emphasize key points, and also logical partitioning.

6.Enrich your website
Recommended website to your friends, forums, mailing lists, electronic magazines, and so on. Look for the related forums nd read more.

7. Submit your site to directories
Submit your url to directories will bring you a visitor.

8. Get away from the tricks.
If you are trying to get more Tips, you shall go to Adsense Help Center, the optimazation is done from thousand of experts.

Finally, always keep in your mind: Never Cheating with Adsense.

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This is a great summary for those niwbie to start their adsense. Great job!