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Finally acheive more then $200 per month

After blogging for some time, and finally i do start earn some money from my blogs. I do sumarize my online earning received on May 2008 as below:

  • Paid to Post: $15.20
  • Paid to Blog: $140.50
  • Advertisement: $32.15
  • Others: $20.50

The total money received online on May 2008 is $208.35. That's is the highest money earned online since i start my online earning journey.

Well, More than $200 per month is great result for me. I do only part time on blogging, the earning can encourage me to continue my blogging journey. I will try to update my blog post regularly (Hopefully i do have enough time for it), i will try my best and make it possible.

Honestly speaking, i'm wondering how people can earn from their blog previously and finally i know the reason now. Keep work hard on the content and optimize the search engine is necessary to get better result. I do my best and wish can share the information with you.



eNNy said...

could you please advise for the search engine optimisation? appreciate it if you can share in your blog. thanks

yanuar said...

Congratz on your earning mate, i never have a luck in Paid-to-writing or paid-to-blog whatsoever, so congratz once again :)