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Quality backlink

What is quality backlink?

Quality backlink should have below few properties:

  1. A quality backlink will be a quality backlink which is from a high PR site, at less PR4.
  2. The niche (or we can call them: theme, nature or subject) of both websites is same then the backlink will be called a quality back link.
  3. The anchor text of the backlink should be your target key words. (This is to improve your SERP)

Why the quality backlink is important?

I think the Backlinks is important because of the below reasons:

  1. The back links increase the PR of your website
  2. The back links drive a share of traffic from the source websites.
  3. Your SERPs position is also improved lightly by the back links. Although it is not the main factor.

To get a quality backlink, the best way is to develop your content, and then request for the link exchange with some quality site that have same niche. If you can get a quality backlink, sure it will help you to get higher PR and traffic.

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