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Spamming - Smart or Stupid?

Recently i found that my PR4 dofollow blog (Not this blog) is attacked by the spammer. This is good news and bad news, more traffic come to my blog even this is not quality traffic but at least my blog getting well-known (for only spammer???lol)

On the other hand, i need to spend some of my time to clear this "rubbish" comments from my blog. Fortunately, i can scan tose comment very fast because the spammer seem not smart enough, they either leave a short general word like "thank you","great article","very interesting" ect or direct leave their URL and ask me to visit.

I believed that the spammer not good in analysis and calcualtion. They shall know their comment will be deleted and even they spend maybe 10 minute and leave 100 comments on the blog, i believed all of them will get deleted. If they really go through the article and leave the comment, they will get approved by the blog owner. Even only very few comment are leaved in 10 minutes, but better then nothing compare to spamming.

So, what do you think about spammer? Smart? or stupid?

1 comment:

yanuar said...

I get spammed too, some user try to put their website to get backlink from my site but what they are commenting is way off the topic. i think spam is smart but also stupid way to build their pagerank