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Blogging can earn money?

Some people might wondering how the blogger earn money from blogging? If you are blogger, i do believed that you know the answer. Blog is one strong weapon to bring you revenue if you really work hard on it. But how?

1. PPC advertisement
PPC is Pay Per Click. Many people confuse about Pay Per Click (PPC) and Paid to Click(PTC), I would like to said that they are totally different. Do you heard about Adsense? Yes, adsense is one of the PPC programs. Adsense is owned by google and they use your blog to publish the advertisement, once the adsvertisement get clicked, then you get paid. How much can we get from PPC? The answer is depend, some blogger can even get 5 figure per month

2. Sell advertisement space
Well, we can see many advertiser can looking for quality blog/website to display their adsvertisement. They might pay you per month or per action or per sales. Depend to the term and condition. If you do have a good sales on your blog/website, you will earn a lot commission.

3. Blog post review
Some Paid to blog/review site do looking for blogger to write a review for their product/website. In this case, they will pay for you to just review their website/product on your blog. How much the blogger will earn from the review? I can say it can be up to $500 per review, it is depend to how good your blog is.

Well, those are the basic income for the blogger. So, now you know blogging can bring you revenue beside enjoy your posting.

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