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Simple way to increase your PageRank (PR)

Many people are trying their best to improve their PageRank in order to show the quality of their website. However, many people do not know how to get the backlink beside the link exchange. Hereby, share some easy way to get backlink effectively.

1. Commenting on DoFollow Blog / Website
What is Dofollow blog? If you are asking this question, then please visit " NoFollow & Doffolow ".
How can i find DOfollow blog?To find the Do Follow blogs in your niche, simply go to It does quite a good job of finding blogs, but does not seem to find all the blogs in a niche.
Please always remember - DO NOT SPAM

2. Post at Forums with DoFollow Links
Here provide some great forum i know:

Try this first and you can find the different on the next google pagerank update.

All the best

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yanuar said...

OMG, you surely have so many good site, thanks a lot for all the link, will definitely gonna try them all cause i'm really looking for a better page rank

Thank you so much