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IQ Test

I honestly can say I enjoy this site. This site is fun and simple and a great site to visit when you are bored online and don't really have anything to do. This site is a spin on the common IQ Test .The IQ test explains how smart you are. When I first found this site I thought I was going to site that gave an IQ test. This site is nothing like that. It's actually a new spin on things. It provides you with unique questions that are very similar if not from the actuallyIQ Test IQ test. The questions are fun to do and the writer does sometimes provide answers. There are over 20 posts and the number increases often. You can tell the writer enjoys creating this blog site. The writer jokes around with it and makes this site very fun. The writer gives you hard IQ questions that really make you think . This is a fun site for someone who doesn't really want to play a normal game but wants to challenge themselves and try something new and unique.

The setting of the site is calm with a lime green design and simple black and green text. The colors blend together nicely creating a very peaceful blog to read. The blog has very little marketing, only a few bidvertiser ads that you won't notice only at the bottom. The writer only place one post per page unless you click on 2008 then you will see all posting at one time.


Chris said...

I'd be too scared to found out how dumb I am. :P

Anonymous said...

funny chris...hehe last time i checked online it was 128. i wonder how much it is now.

yanuar said...

I have so much good time there, its good for someone who likes a puzzle, and i thnk i'm gonna have to dig more onto that site