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Weekly Windows System Tips (Part 1)

I would like to share here some general windows system Tips. Wish you all will like it

1. Reinstall Windows XP without activate requirement
If you reinstall Windows XP, re-activated is required. backup the file
"Windows \ System32 \ Wpa.dbl, then you no need to re-active anymore.

2. How to know whether the Windows XP activated.
Open → began running in the pop-up dialog box input: oobe / msoobe / a, carriage return after the pop-up window system will tell you the system has been activated.
3. Close zip folder function
Did you feel that the Windows XP zip folder function too slow, functions not attractive? If so, you can open the operation began → in the pop-up dialog box input: regsvr32 / u zipfldr.dll, carriage return after the closure of ZIP folders can be functional.

5. Landing interface background color change
Open the Registry Editor, find [HKEY - USERS \. DEFAULT \ Control Panel \ Colors], the value Background will be changed to "0 0 0" (without quotation marks), which became a black background login.

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