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My blog earning journey

Do you know we can earn from blogging? Let me share my experience on my blogging journey. I start my blog since few months ago, when I first involve in blogging is to share my experience with my friend. One day, I do found a Free Online Money Making blog . and I was attracted on the content. It actually telling me we can earn from what we doing now – blogging.

How to earn by just blogging ? Webmaster and blogger mostly know this very well, the advertisement will bring revenue to them. For those newbie have no idea on getting advertisement, I will suggest go have to look on google adsense. Google adsense is the best Pay per Click advertising and most popular programs nowadays around the world. Besides, Google Adsense, you might go for Bidvertiser and Abrite which do have good reputation as well.

For your information, advertisement basically can break down to few types, which is Pay per Click, Pay per impression, Pay per action/lead and Pay per sales. You can choose whatever suitable advertisement to place on your website or blog to gain some extra revenue from the advertiser.
• Pay per click – you will get paid by the advertiser once your visitor click the advertisement
• Pay per impression – The pay is according to the number of your visitor. The advertiser will state “$XXX CPM” generally which mean they will pay you $XXX per 1000 impression
• Pay per action/lead – You do only get paid if your visitor are joining or sign up under the advertisement
• Pay per sales – You will get commission if you success to sell the product from your advertiser on your website/blog. Of course, you will get nothing if nothing are sold.

On the other hand, even you do not own a website/blog and you still able to gain some money online. You can even get paid to play game, I do find a blog did introduce some free get paid to play game .I believed that game’s fan will interested on this. Unfortunately, most of the paid to play is only available to US member, but there are still some paid to play game are open to all the international member.

Finally, wish you do enjoy your earning journey online. Cheer

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