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Tips to faster your Windows System

Many computer user is facing the same problem with their computer speed. Everyone are disappointed due to the low speed of the computer and looking around the solution. By right, you can actually do something to speed up your PC without upgrade ( of course if you are wiling to pay for upgrading might be better).

First, go through the below 10 Tips and do accordingly and i believed that there might have some improvement on the speed.

1. Your PC Must have at least 512MB RAM for Windows XP (or 1GB ram for Vista), Intel Pentium 4 Processor, 40 GB HDD. These are the minimum requirements.

2. If you see a “virtual memory low” message then increase its virtual memory. To increase virtual memory do the following :
Go to My Computer->Properties->Advanced->Performance Settings->Advanced->Virtual Memory->Change->Select the appropriate drive->Custom size->set appropriate level(our it is 600(min.) & 700(max.)->Ok.

3. Increase ‘Visual Performance’.
Go to My Computer->Properties->Advanced->Performance Settings->Visual Settings->Custom->Select only the following options :
a)Slide taskbar buttons.
b)Smooth edges of screen fonts.
c)Smooth-scroll list boxes.
d)Use a background image for each folder type.e)Use visual style on windows and buttons.

4. Don’t keep unwanted/extra fonts.
To remove extra fonts:
Go to Start->Settings->Control Panel->Fonts.
Removing unwanted fonts and make your computer a bit faster.

5. Your Desktop Wallpaper & Screensaver consume a large amount of disk space.
Select the ‘None’ option for both wallpapers & Screensavers. Selecting ‘None’ for screensavers also saves power!

6. Avoid keeping unwanted games or games which you don’t play.And remove all unwanted games.

7. Uninstall/Remove all unwanted softwares from your computer. This way your system will be fast and there will be less crap in your system.

8. Use Registry Cleaner to keep your registry clean(without errors). You can also use CCleaner(Crap Cleaner) which is a free software which fixes registry errors.

9. Use Hybernating Option for Quick windows start. To active Hybernating follow the following steps:
Desktop->Properties->Screensaver->Power->Hybernating->Enable Hybernating->Ok.

10. Keep your Dektop clean with unwanted icons or shortcuts as these often make your computer load slow on startup.

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